Little Boy Smooches


When I had my first son, a woman I worked with in California (who had two sons of her own) told me it would be like having a little boyfriend.  I found that very odd and mildly disturbing at the time, but I have since found her to be 100% correct.  I have a husband and two boyfriends here under my own roof.

Last night at bedtime, after cuddling with Lyle for a few minutes on his bed, his little arms wrapped around my neck and his cheek against mine, I gave him his last kiss and said good-night to both boys. Within seconds there was a panicked cry: “MOMMY!!!”

I stepped back into the room.

“I need to give you one more really big smooch!!”

I leaned down to receive those arms encircling my neck once again and he planted one of his hugest kisses on me ever (and believe me, there have been some doozies – I’ve had to rein him in).

As I extracted myself from his grip, I told him, “I’ll hang onto that smooch all night, don’t worry.”

He pointed his little finger at me and warned, “Do not put your lips on anything all night.  You don’t want it to wipe off!”

Watch out, ladies, here he comes.


8 responses to “Little Boy Smooches

  1. heart melter, that one!

  2. It’s true…and sometimes it IS more than a little disturbing! But also so, so sweet.

  3. *sigh* He’s gonna be such a little heart breaker! He *is* awfully dreamy. 😉

  4. He is going to be a ladykiller. If he’s not already.

  5. He brought home a note from a girl the other day but was quick to tell me that she’s NOT in love with him. “There are only two girls in love with me in my class,” he declared solemnly, and then named them and I hear from their parents that he’s right.

    I happen to think that if you’re 4 and 25% of the girls in your class are “in love” with you, you’re doing pretty well!

  6. Dreamy, indeed. What a doll.

  7. Oh my. What are you going to do when he hits puberty and gets ANOTHER woman?

  8. I’ll bet you’re glad you don’t have a daughter. Matt would totally need a shotgun with those two!!

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