One Lucky Mama


You know, this crew of guys over here – they are really amazing.  I don’t know how I got to be so lucky, but I really just am.  For one thing, Matt had the good sense to ask me what I wanted the most from my Mother’s Day a few days ago.  I wish more husbands thought to do this – it doesn’t all have to be a big surprise, guys!

This morning Matt jumped out of bed the very second he heard the boys stirring, to keep them out of our room so I could sleep.  If you know Matt, you can appreciate how challenging this was for him!  Lyle had remembered our bagel breakfast on Mother’s Day last year (which is stunning, since neither Matt nor I remembered it!) and so my guys left at 8 to go to the incredible New York Bagel & Bialy to get the most amazing bagels in all of Chicago (and unbelievable fresh chive cream cheese – to die for).  They were home at 9 and brought me a bagel, strawberries, and a delicious cup of coffee in bed.  In fact, as is our tradition, we all ate breakfast in bed together.

I was presented with the most adorable homemade cards from the boys.  First came Lyle’s dictated card:

I love Mommy because she’s so nice.  She keeps me company in the bathroom and sometimes she makes us breakfast.  I like to ride bikes and play and read stories with her.  I love my Mommy past the Milky Way.

And then I had the pleasure of Baxter’s annual acrostic:

Mother is best.

Ours is.

Milky Way of love.

Monkey business is fine with her.


I guess they’ve been listening when I’ve told them every night that I love them all the way past the Milky Way and back.

Matt bought me the much coveted Capresso burr grinder (damn, that thing grinds some delicious beans!) and I received a gift card from my favorite coffee shop from my in-laws, so it was a coffee-themed Mothers Day (what could be more perfect, really?).

The day continued to be completely lovely, what with a walk around the neighborhood with the boys on their roller skates/scooter/bike/pogo sticks and our good friends coming over for lunch and an afternooon of fun.

No doubt about it, I am one lucky Mama.


6 responses to “One Lucky Mama

  1. Awww, they are so sweet! Glad you had a great day!

  2. Indeed you are!! Especially because of the Monkey Business.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  4. Happy day, sweet Mama! To the Milky Way and back!


  5. Yay! Sounds like a perfect celebration of your mama-hood. A great start to the week!

  6. Your coffee will be ten time better now! We love our grinders!

    So glad you had a delightful day. I agree, it’s much easier when someone asks us what we want. Removes the sting of unmet (and unexpressed) expectations.

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