Suspension of Reality


Remember Lassie?  The dog who guards Baxter’s bed against monsters every night?  Well, he’s now been renamed Hobbes by my Calvin & Hobbes afficionado.  Hobbes goes everywhere in the house with him and is placed by the front door when he leaves for school with the warning, “Don’t pounce on me when I get home this time, you hear?”  (Which of course “Calvin” makes him do with much gusto when he gets home every day.)

Out of the blue today, Baxter – the 8-year old Harry Potter-look-alike who in the past week alone has been on a personal quest to research such topics as Bose-Einstein Condensate, the meaning of ethics, the science behind the Venus Fly Trap, and the nitty-gritty details about what exactly Nixon and Agnew did wrong –  asked,

Was Hobbes ever real and then stuffed when he died, or has he always been a stuffed animal?

Which to me is a perfect reminder that they really are kids for a long time, aren’t they?  And also that Baxter is living proof: even the most scientific of minds can suspend reality as easily as the next person when he has a little faith.



3 responses to “Suspension of Reality

  1. I love this. And so true!! My son has been talking to his webkinz for days, treating them as though they are truly alive and a part of the family. At first, I thought, oh dear!, but then I thought again and realized maybe he’s just feeling a little lonely and needs some company.

    And let’s face it, who doesn’t need the unconditional love of a stuffed animal to carry them through childhood? I’m thinking of getting one for myself.

  2. Sweet. And, Kristen, *this* is exactly why we have pets in our house…someone for ME to talk to when I’m lonely! LOL

  3. My son has a similar relationship with his Corduroy bear. Some days he goes on and on with fantastical conversations and such, all the while still leveling with me about the cold, hard reality of this world, and other days when I try to say something alluding to his bear being real, he gives me a look like I’m an idiot and says, “Corduroy’s not real, Dad…”

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