But Now I Feel So Young

So I’m at Target with my cart loaded to amazing new heights with 100% “Mom” stuff, what with a couple of big plastic storage bins, two new pillows, carpool snacks, dry erase markers, a few $4 clothing items for the boys, and scads of stuff for work and home stuffed in every crevice of the big red cart.  Oh, and my almost-5 year old son sitting up front.

Imagine my surprise when the bored young cashier asks for my date of birth so that I can legally buy – are you ready for this? Robitussin cough medicine.

Naturally, I start to giggle.  I haven’t been carded at a bar in ages, let alone Target.

“How old do you have to be to buy Robitussin?” I ask between spurts of muffled laughter.

“12,” she mumbled.

Only in America.


8 responses to “But Now I Feel So Young

  1. Ha!! Just made me snarf!!

  2. THAT is hilarious!!

  3. O.M.G. She must’ve been high on the stuff herself! LOL

  4. HAH! Hi-lar-i-ous!

  5. huh?!? are you serious? THAT is funny!

  6. Good lord — you had a child when you were seven?

  7. So. Flipping. Funny.

    There must be a cough medicine ring in Chi-town!

  8. Awesome.

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