We have a saying in Chicago and it contains more than a kernel of truth:  “There are two seasons here – Winter and Construction”.  Even my kids say it.  These days, if I am not silently cursing the road I am on for all the heavy machinery blocking my way, I am cursing the fact that they are not there as I try unsuccessfully to navigate the potholes and cracks that our harsh winter left behind.

I realized recently that summer is also the time when I slow down enough to take care of the construction jobs in my life.

There are the little things: the corners, desks, and cabinets that need me to have some space in my life in order to be reorganized.  The moments when both boys are in camp when I can sort through some of their toys to give away or take to work.  And the home improvement projects we can start, such as dealing with the leak in our sun room and putting a new screen door in the sliding door to the deck.

But it’s also when the really big jobs – the renovations – take place.  It’s when I suddenly realize that a certain service provider has been doing a lousy job for me all year long, and finally pay enough attention to pull out the heavy machinery and switch to someone more capable.  And that an organization my family has been trying to maintain involvement with and is supporting financially actually ceased to meet our needs in any real way quite some time ago, and we have to make a change there, too.

Summer, that blissfully warm, seemingly more relaxing time of year, creates the space needed for all kinds of change.

Yes, it’s true.  The season of construction is upon us.


One response to “Construction

  1. change is good. having the time and space to create it is even better.

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