Quotes o’ the Day

Lyle, apropos of nothing as he clears his dinner dishes,  “But Mommy!  EVERYBODY smokes SOMETIMES!”


The boys crash into each other in the hall.

“Move outta the way, stupid!” laughs Lyle.

Baxter collapses with laughter at the use of such language.

Matt says, “Lyle!  Please apologize to your brother.  Right now.”

Lyle, cheerfully, “Okay.  Sorry…STUPID!”

Both boys double over.





3 responses to “Quotes o’ the Day

  1. kyraanderson

    i actually remember doing exactly this with my sister. tee hee!

  2. That is too, too funny. That Lyle, he is one smart cookie. And knows how to play for the laughs! Love it!

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