In Which I am Full of Shit

I am so full of shit.  Really, I am.

What was all that about reading books on the beach and lots of blogging this weekend?  Do I not know myself AT ALL??

Because now in my kitchen there are 7 huge black trash bags full of stuff I’m bringing to Goodwill tomorrow.  It looks like this:

Goodwill bags

Attractive, no?

The reason there are all these bags in my kitchen (and 4-5 bags of trash in the Dumpster outside) is because I spent a total of 9 hours this weekend clearing out and organizing the lower level of our house.  See, our condo is a “duplex down”, meaning we have a downstairs at garden level.  The lower level consists of the boys’ bedroom, a large play room/guest room, a bathroom, and two gigantic storage closets (in addition to the closets in their room and bathroom).  Due to the generous storage capacity and the fact that I’m not hanging out down there all the time, it gets rather out of control very easily.

Oh, that and maybe the fact that when we have a bunch of people coming over, one or both of the adults around here does a “sweep” in which we throw a lot of detritus into bags and stuff them in closets, not bothering to go back and unload them. Ever. That might also be a wee part of the problem.

Sadly, I didn’t get to everything.  There’s a cabinet down there that needs an overhaul, and one storage closet I didn’t get to, but I did work on that one last fall when we had our big fundraiser garage sale to raise money for the Obama campaign so that one wasn’t an emergency.  And we have other problem areas around here, namely the home office.  I had truly hoped to find my desk this weekend but that’s going to have to wait.

However, the majority of clothing, toys, and books that I didn’t want the boys to see me pack up is out of there (thus the black bags that they won’t be able to see through when they get home tonight).  I probably spent 2.5 hours just sitting on the floor with huge piles of tiny toys, putting Legos in the Lego bag and Playmobil guys in the new Playmobil bin, and throwing out or giving away as much as I could get away with.  Tomorrow I’ll need to sit down in front of all of their games and put away all the little pieces that somehow travelled into the nether-regions of the house.  Better yet, I think they’ll do that job.

And so, outside of a few great meals with really good friends, this is how I spent my weekend alone.  I have about 2 hours before Matt and the boys return home, and I will now take myself to the couch, put my feet up with a glass of wine, and relax. But at least I won’t feel my insides constrict every time I open one of those doors or help the kids look for something down there.  And anyway, two hours of relaxation is more than usual, right?


5 responses to “In Which I am Full of Shit

  1. Ugh! I had one of those weekends too! Meant to relax but ended up cleaning out the garage and my closet, shopping at Target for new bedding and doing laundry. At least my bedroom looks nicer!!

  2. Don’t you feel good about yourself?! Way to go! I spent about three hours today cleaning out my desk. I got rid of a lot of crap. Mostly recycling. I feel so happy now.

  3. Dude.

    I did the same thing this weekend.

    7 heavy duty trash bags filled with nearly brand-new stuffed animals to the nearby women’s shelter.

    9 bags of trash.

    5 bags for the consignment shop.

    Overflowing recycling bin.

    It feels, honestly, like I went on the Master Cleanse.

    Pour yourself another glass, sister. You done good!

  4. I do that the first week back to school, right before the winter break and again right before summer break. I want a smaller house that holds less stuff.

    You rocked. Make sure you get another glass tonight. You still deserve it. That and a massage! That’s back-breaking work!

  5. Wow, Jordan. I spent seven hours organizing before Rosemary arrived last week, and never got past the kitchen– I’m impressed!

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