Yes, My Baby IS Turning Five!

IMG_1881To my sweet little boy —

This will not be one of those “I can’t believe my baby is 5 today” letters because, well, I can believe you’re 5.

You are tall, confident, and fiercely independent, a real “do it yourselfer”, as you and I like to say.  Honey, you talk to me all day long, barely pausing to take a breath as you dance around me.  You are words + action at all times.  Usually it’s about Pokemon these days, but you’ve always got something to say, whatever the topic.  You ask questions all day long and want to figure out everything you can about the entire world – all at once.  Today it was, “How did the air get here in the first place?”

It was a hard day; you were impatient and cranky much of the time.  I suggested that perhaps the day before a birthday is one of the hardest days of the year and you conceded that this was the trouble.  It’s hard to wait.  You complained all afternoon that it wasn’t bedtime yet: “How many hours now ’til bedtime?  Is it still morning or can I go to bed now?” you asked at 4pm.

When a neighbor invited you to have a slice of freshly made banana bread at their house this morning you declined and headed home, saying to her, “Weelll, I think I won’t have any, because, you know, tomorrow.  [Insert signature shoulder shrug.] I’ll be havin’ a lot of treats.”

Earlier this summer, you didn’t want to be five; rather, you declared that you wanted to go back to being a baby.  I knew this was about your fear of the big unknown: kindergarten.  I am beyond thrilled that you are embracing this birthday with your vast stores of enthusiasm – you are ready to move on now.

At bedtime tonight, I held your darling little face between my hands saying, “I need to take a good, long look at you tonight because the next time I see you you’ll be a five-year old.”  You grinned a huge grin, stood up on your bed puffing out your chest in your Batman pajamas, and looked down at yourself.  “It’s a good thing I’ll be five tomorrow because I am just about outgrowing this 4-year old body,” you said proudly.

And then you threw me out.  “Mommy!  Stop talking to Baxter, go out the door, and close it!” you insisted.

Morning can’t come soon enough for either of us.  Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetheart.


6 responses to “Yes, My Baby IS Turning Five!

  1. Hope tomorrow is spectacular!

    (he reminds me so much of my E…I’ll let you know if I’m right in two years time)

  2. Ohmygod I just want to eat him UP. “I’ll be havin’ lots of treats” indeed!

  3. *sniff* Oh man! FIVE? Happy birthday, big Lyle!!
    And happy, happy celebration of your little big man’s wondrousness.

  4. SO so so so sweet! I just love you and your guys! Happy birthday, Lyle!

  5. Yes, Lyle. The waiting is the hardest part. I hope you have a fabulous day, big boy!

  6. Wow, he describes it so clearly! That must be such an unbearable feeling– *just about* outgrown from your old body! I’m stretching uncomfortably just thinking about it. Love that Lyle. Happy birthday!

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