We’re having a much, much better week around here.  Lyle has relaxed and seems back to his old sweet self.  And his violin practices have been fantastic!

Here he is tonight, composing a song called “Lyle’s Pichu”.  You can see that he’s written eight notes and has the added complexity this week of noting beneath each note if it’s a quarter note (a “ta”) or a half note (a “la-ah”).  These aren’t really marked in his playing yet, but he’s only had the bow on the strings for two days!


…and here he is playing his tune!

5 responses to “Progress!

  1. Love it! I’m looking forward to the music-notation phase with Iris. She’s learning totally by ear so far, because Suzuki waits until they start reading to introduce written music (and she’s nowhere near reading right now). I love the fire in Lyle’s eyes as he turns and bows….

  2. Yes, that will be so fun, Anna! His teacher isn’t purely Suzuki, she believes in teaching the kids to read music right from the beginning and this is working well for him. I don’t know how well it would work if he wasn’t reading yet, though…I started with Suzuki myself and know that program works really well. Hopefully someday he and Iris will be playing duets!

  3. cute cute!

    and I love love love that rug.

  4. I just want to smooch that adorable little dude!

  5. OMG. Can Lyle come over for a playdate?


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