I think –  or at least I am hopeful – that my readers get a sense of my overwhelming gratitude for my life from this blog on a regular basis.  This Thanksgiving it truly abounds.

I’m filled with gratitude about these past few months, when I’ve had the privilege of having successful, fulfilling work experiences and also being with my family so much more.  I’m able to plan for and cook dinners for my family, know when the kids’ gym days are, and remember who has what quiz on which day.  I’m able to practice music with the boys every day and run to the grocery store when they’re at school.  Some years in the recent past I couldn’t even remember what Baxter’s room number was at school, let alone when he had art class.

I want to take a moment to reflect on the fact that my grandparents are well enough to be together in their own home on this Thanksgiving; every day is a gift.  I’m so grateful that at Christmas we’ll be able to see my wonderful family in California, and that our nearby family is incredibly supportive and loving.  I’m grateful for the relationships my kids have with their cousins and the ones I have with mine.

I’m so thankful that Lyle, who can be what my grandmother refers to as a “reluctant dragon”, has started school and is happily engaged there, leaving the house every day with a smile and a “smooch” and usually a few nose kisses.  I love that he’s willing to stretch himself to learn to play the violin, and accept the bumps along the road in the process.  I’m thankful every day for his snuggles and the sparkle in his eyes – yes, even when it’s the littlest bit defiant.  And I’m grateful that he and his brother are so close and have a great time playing together.

My gratitude also knows no bounds for Baxter, whose zest for life has been enormous from the minute he was born, diving into the world with both arms straight ahead like Superman (yes – he did).  Even his teacher used the word “enthusiastic” at least twice in his conference last week.  The fact that his glass is not just half-full, but more like 99% full much of the time brings joy to all of us.  And I will add that I’m thankful his categorizing and memorizing brain has begun to shift from the world of Pokemon to the world of Greek mythology: a welcome respite for us.

I’m beyond thankful for Matt, who keeps me laughing and graces us with the lovely sounds of his guitar as he learns to play.  I love that he comes home at night and manages to correct some of the things I tend to let go with the kids and that he always cleans up the kitchen in the evening after I’ve made dinner.  I’m grateful for his hard work at his job,  his patience with me and my quirks, and his wrestling with the kids.

And last but surely not least, I’m grateful for all of you, Wonderfriends, whether you are a member of my family, an old friend, new friend, or someone I know well but haven’t met in person yet.  Thank you for your support, for coming back here again and again, and for the laughs.

I hope each and every one of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow – a chance to enjoy a good meal and conversation with people you love, and to think about all that you are grateful for in your lives.


7 responses to “Gratitude.

  1. Right back at you, my friend! It is a wonderful life!!

  2. Wishing you and all your Wonder-ful family a happy holiday. And I am SO glad to know your grandparents are home and together for the holiday. That little snippet actually made me cry. Good tears.

  3. Hey, I’ve got one of those people who cleans up around here after dinner, too! Sooo grateful for that. Glad to hear this about your grandparents. You’ve got a great family and much to be thankful for, and yes, that comes across all year around.

  4. What a wonderful post. It is nice to learn a little bit more about your family. It is fun to hear the words teachers use to describe our kids. I remember hearing “charismatic” for one child, “out of the box thinker” for another and “delightful” for the other. I think these are good descriptions of them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Aww. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Wonderfriends, Wonderfriends, we found a way, to love that Wondermama in a special way. We’re not too big and we’re not too tough but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff!

    Oh, that was so bad.

    Forgive me.


  7. I’m grateful for my friendships – old, new, and rekindled. Glad to be back in touch with you guys!

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