Guest Blogger Jennifer Recklet on “Princess Week”

Jennifer Recklet is a very dear friend I’ve known since we were 9 years old.  She lives outside of Boston with her (clearly!) wonderful husband Davide, and works in the Spouses & Partners at MIT program for the partners of international faculty.  Jennifer posted this as a Facebook note a few days ago and I was so taken with it that I asked her if she’d post it here for you.  And so, without further ado…

“Princess Week is coming to a close. Thanks to Davide and a beautiful tiara, it was lovely experience. Not having to do any housework or decide what to make for dinner for a whole week was just what I needed after the busy holiday season.

So why Princess Week? I just got tired of cooking, cleaning, food shopping, laundry, etc., so I asked for what I needed – a break. At first Davide laughed a lot at the idea, but agreed to waiting on me hand and foot for a week and also insisted that I get a tiara to make it all official.

I started off the week with a manicure, which I never do. During our weekend getaway, Davide drove me around on a snowmobile in a winter wonderland. I treated myself to lunch every day at work. At the end of the day I relaxed in the recliner while waiting for dinner. I wore my tiara at home in my pjs, when I was out at the grocery store, and during our weekly staff meeting at work.

I thought I might have some trouble letting go of the dirty dishes in the sink and what we were having for dinner, but for one week, I did okay. But I like things the way I like them, and it would probably drive me crazy after a while if the house wasn’t cleaned and organized the way I want it to be. So one lesson from Princess Week is that I need more practice letting go of control. Let’s see if I can lower my standards a bit.

One surprising thing about this week is how people reacted to the tiara. Those who asked about it wanted lots of details about Princess Week. But most people just smiled at me. How nice! I love how wearing a tiara can make an ordinary day feel special. I wanted to stand a little taller, take my time strolling across campus (princesses don’t have to rush), and make sure I smiled at everyone I passed. Royalty does have a responsibility to their public.

So the tiara is now available to anyone who wants to celebrate her own princess week. Your week doesn’t have to be like mine, just do whatever you need to do to feel like a princess. Take a day or a week to treat yourself like a queen. If you want to borrow the tiara, remember to appreciate your adoring fans, to receive the gifts that come to you graciously, and to smile. And don’t forget to ask me to teach you the official Disney wave.

I don’t know when I’ll ask for Princess Week again, and maybe the next time I’ll need something other than a week off from cooking and laundry. But I do know that in the meantime I’ll be wearing the tiara every once in a while, when I need a little sparkle in my life and a reminder to slow down and treat myself like royalty.”

If you’d like to celebrate Princess Week (or Month…or Year…) leave me a comment below.  I will select one commenter at random and get you your very own tiara  – because we all need to slow down and treat ourselves like royalty a bit more often.

5 responses to “Guest Blogger Jennifer Recklet on “Princess Week”

  1. My very own tiara? Sign me up! Every time I try to wear one of Anya’s, I get in trouble. And a break? Do I need that? I’ll have to get back to you when I have time to think about it.

  2. I love it! Women have difficulty asking for what they want, rather than what they need; allowing themselves to let go of the world they control. Good for you, Jennifer. But mostly, I just love hearing what former students are doing with their ‘grown-up’ lives.

    So, thanks to Jordan for passing this along, and thanks Jennifer for letting us in on your special week.

  3. I love the image of sitting in the recliner, waiting for dinner to be served. Wow! What a wonderful Princess Week!

  4. So glad to be an inspiration to all the hard working women out there!

    Just heard this great segment on NPR today about modern marriages and how many women are now earning more money than their husbands:

    As opposed to 30 years ago when many women wanted to marry a man with high earnings potential, now “it’s more important to have a man who can communicate well, who can be intimate and who will share the housework than to have someone who makes more money than you do.”

    Couldn’t agree more

  5. Great addition!! Good NPR piece!

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