More Better than Money

In the middle of the night last night, Lyle woke to find something in his mouth.  “I thought it was an Umbreon,” he stated most bizarrely at breakfast, flashing his adorable grin with the new hole, “but then when I spitted it out I saw that it was my loose tooth!”  He put it on his nightstand and carried it up in his hand this morning to show us.  (What, no drama?)

Putting him to bed tonight, I had him check to make sure that his teeny tiny tooth was tucked inside his Tooth Fairy pillow – the one that was mine as a child.  The kid was fairly jumping out of his skin with excitement.

“I’m going to get money from the Tooth Fairy!  What’s more better than money?!” he yelped.

Laughing, I suggested there were actually many things more better than money.

“Oh, yeah!  Cupcakes!” he exclaimed.

“Can’t you think of anything ‘more better’ than money and cupcakes?” I asked him. This led to a long, convoluted conversation about how on cable he once saw a commercial for Cupcake Pebbles cereal – my utter disgust was interpreted as a sign that I didn’t actually believe there was such a thing and he had to bring Baxter (resident expert on cable commercials, apparently) in to prove that these existed. No one seemed to understand that I was just grossed out, not actually disbelieving.

“What about your family??” I asked, trying to get back on point, which prompted him to say, “Mmmm…” as if unsure, and he held up his two hands about six inches from each other, adding, “about this much.”  Ah. Thanks.  When I named specific people in his life, and say, the whole concept of LOVE, he readily agreed that all those things were “wicked awesome” (I’ve trained him to speak ‘New Hampshire’ just for kicks).

“But…nothing is more better than money,” he concluded.


5 responses to “More Better than Money

  1. Well, some days it certainly feels like nothing would be more better than more money. What a cutie.

  2. Clearly, he’s not (yet) a Beatles fan or he’d know “Moeny Can’t Buy Me Love” 😉

    Still, I suppose at his age, everything else he wants costs money so what would be “more better than money?”!

  3. Oops…meant to type “Money”…duh. I’m sure there are lots of things better than moeny. 😉

  4. Yeah, more money is pretty awesome. Wish I had some.

  5. Disturbingly Brilliant! Got to love kids (or they will eat you….)

    Cheers, on the whole connected parent thing!

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