Gus: The Homecoming!

Hooray!  Our little Gus came home this afternoon!

It has been a very mellow homecoming for him, as he is still coming off the anesthesia from this morning’s neuter surgery.  He took a short walk around the block downtown near the shelter and started off quite jauntily before suddenly halting in the middle of the sidewalk, at which point Matt carried him to the car.  He was very happy to get in the car and rested quietly on my lap all the way home.  When we arrived, we took him out front where he happily found a spot to make his own, if you know what I mean, and then came inside.

So worn out was Gus that after a little time hanging out with us, he was shown his new crate.  The sweet guy just walked right in and lay down for a nap!

Later, he came out and approached Matt, who showed him his doggy bed.  Gus climbed right in and hung out there for a while.

He’s gone out every couple hours but is mostly mellow and resting at home.  There have been no problems with his house training so far.  When we sat down to dinner, he walked right back to his crate and hung out there while we ate.  He’s not supposed to eat until morning due to nausea, but he drank a little water.

Gus really perks up on a walk.  This evening we had to stop him from running, since he’s not supposed to do that for a while post-surgery.  I was pleased to see him so alert and happy after so much grogginess.  He is so obedient, he’s surely had good training.  Tonight I suggested to the kids, “Should we take Gus for a walk?” and he ran around the corner and looked at me with the most adorable, alert expression.  He came right to me for his leash and waited quietly at the door until everyone was ready.  While walking, he responded to “Walk, Gus!” when he started to dawdle, and got right back on track.  Matt noticed that at alleys and corners he responded to “stop” and “go”, and sure enough he is very good about stopping the moment his walker stops, and waiting until we move again.  He has no problem being the follower of the pack.  I was so prepared to need to train him in all that!  The kids are excellent with the praise, especially Baxter who read a couple of books on dog communication last week.  At one point, he said gently, “You’re such a good, good boy!” and Gus picked up the pace and wagged his tail happily.

Right now the boys are playing quietly near him and Gus is standing under Baxter’s desk, watching from a safe distance.  Lyle stopped to croon, “You’re so CUTE, Gus!”

I agree.  It’s been a great first day!


10 responses to “Gus: The Homecoming!

  1. 🙂
    Congratulations, Wonderfamily!

  2. awwwwwwwwww is about all I can come up with. What a sweet little dog!

  3. Yippee! The kids can’t wait to meet him!

  4. goodfountain

    Sounds marvelous. He really is adorable. If we get a dog ever someday, an already-trained one sounds spectacular.

  5. I cannot WAIT to meet him!

  6. OMG, he is too adorable. I’m so glad that he’s trained; that makes it all the more enjoyable! 🙂

  7. Awww! So happy for you guys. He sounds amazing!

  8. Hooray for the homecoming! Hooray for a happy ending for Gus!

  9. Wow. It sounds so amazing… Even non-dog-person-me is feeling a little tug of the heart. Congratulations! He sure is a sweetie!!

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