Sardonically Irreverent

Something happens to Baxter when he’s sitting in the front seat of the car with me. I don’t know if he feels older because he’s in the passenger seat or if he’s just more tuned in to the conversation than he is when he’s in the back with his face in a book. Either way, it’s hilarious.

Tonight we were parking in front of a restaurant and saw a small cluster of teenaged girls all dressed up and wobbling down the sidewalk (clearly, it’s a bad year for formal wear, but that’s another post). “Oooh!” I exclaimed, “Must be Prom night!” Of course my sons have no idea what Prom is so I explained it, and then said in my drippiest Mom voice, “So, you see, if you guys have someone you especially like in high school you could invite them to the Prom!  And they’d be verrry happy…!” Baxter responded in his most droll voice, Please don’t use gross examples.

We got back in the car later and as we pulled away from the curb we saw a tiny dog with her long fur pulled up into a ponytail on top of her head, prancing down the sidewalk. “I’m kinda glad Gus doesn’t have a ponytail,” I observed, “because that looks pretty odd.” Again with the most baleful expression he could muster, Baxter stated flatly, Yeah.  She looks like a teen with no fashion sense.

Thinking of those two statements reminded of the line in my favorite movie “Waiting for Guffman” that refers to someone being “sardonically irreverent”.  As long as he keeps it contained to private conversations in the car, I’m all for it.


3 responses to “Sardonically Irreverent

  1. He sounds very grown up.

  2. Miss you guys big time!

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