Quotes from the Past

On an organizing spree recently, I came across a brown notebook that looked vaguely familiar. I opened it and there was writing on a few of its small pages. It turns out it was where we wrote funny quotes from Baxter when he was 26-27 months old – “Our first blog,” Matt observed.

In an effort to relieve myself of the responsibility of keeping track of these few pages, I am going to set the quotes down here for our family’s future enjoyment:

Baxter: “What’s that?”

Mommy: “That’s the new necklace I got for Christmas.”

Baxter: “I want to need it!”

Mommy: “Well, this one is my special necklace.”

Baxter: “Mommy share it with Baxter, please!!”

(26 mos.)


“Look at that Daddy! He’s big enough!” – Baxter, looking at Matt’s hand. (27 mos.)


“Oh, Mommy is so fancy!” Whispered before falling asleep, holding Mommy’s hand to his cheek. (27 mos.)


“What is that gee peeking out?” Asked about a singular goose looking around the corner of the page in a book. (27 mos.)


“Where does the sky come from? Where does the sun come from?” (27 mos.)


“What means I’m sorry?” (27 mos.)


“Baxter played with those cars last night with Uncle Dana!” (27 mos.)


3 responses to “Quotes from the Past

  1. I need to start doing that for a bit! A wordy little guy he was–cuteness!

  2. My heart turned to a puddle when I read “Mommy is so fancy!” *sigh*

  3. Such cute comments! I wish I wrote down more of the funny stuff my kids say.

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