Winding Down

It’s mid-August — or maybe even late August, I guess. The cicadas are buzzing so loudly at night it’s almost deafening, but the temperature has moved out of the 90s. I’m sure it’ll be back, but the humidity has dropped this week.  One night leaving work last week I could have been wearing a light jacket. I think I may have forgotten cool weather – breezes – still existed these past couple of steamy months.

I’ve learned to “do” back-to-school gradually by now. About three weeks before school starts I started bringing more conversations around to the topic of school, their teachers, their school friends. We took care of the boys’ school shopping early and there are four bags filled with supplies in a corner of the dining room. I spent hours on a Saturday going through the kids’ fall clothes and making them try things on.  (All I can say about that is that their clothes must’ve been hanging off of them last year because they’ve both grown a lot and yet neither of them needs one single item of clothing for fall. I’m sure by Christmas they’ll both need completely new wardrobes, but at the moment I’m grateful.)

On Friday I took them for haircuts and referred to them as “back-to-school” haircuts. Today we took a ride over to the boys’ school and played on the playground again. Lyle wanted to practice the monkey bars before school started. Since it is still summer, we stopped at Scooter’s for some amazing ice cream cones while we were in the neighborhood. We’re also gradually adjusting their bedtimes back down to school year standards. Transitions are hard and this is a big one; anything I can do in advance to get the kids into the right mindset is going to help. I hope.

We still have two more weeks before school starts. Tomorrow we’ll get more summer books from the library and go swimming in a nearby outdoor pool. We have Lyle’s birthday coming up at the end of this week, so he’s flying high with excitement. We probably need ice cream at least once more. But amidst these last summer hurrahs I know I’ll see the first leaves turning yellow, signaling that fall is almost here. As much as I love all that summer brings, I look forward to the start of my favorite season and a new school year.


One response to “Winding Down

  1. Fall is my favorite season, too. Despite back-to-school. 😉

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