Pool Party Success!

We had a sunny, warm end-of-summer day; perfect for Lyle’s 6th birthday party at a local Park District pool and playground! I chose an outdoor venue this year since Lyle wanted to invite more kids than ever before (he invited 18, we were so happy that quite a few of them could make it!). You may recall what happened when we hosted last year’s party at our house. I knew we had to move beyond these four walls this year!

I decided that rather than focusing too much on the venue or providing a full meal for everyone, this year’s centerpiece would be the cake. As many of you know, I have historically either made a box cake or bought something simple from Costco or Dominick’s. I’m not opposed to those options, but this summer I became aware of a new cake-baking genius who had opened up shop (in her lovely kitchen) right here in the neighborhood. Her name is Michele McAtee and she is the brilliant mind and hand behind Maddiebird Bakery. I “liked” her page on Facebook (you can, too: http://bit.ly/cOq6ce – or view her photos on Flickr!) and have been taunted by the sight of her incredible creations all summer, so I knew we needed one of those cakes this year! The cakes are highly individualized and after weeks of debate Lyle decided on a swimming pool cake. The second runner-up was a Toy Story 3 green alien cake, so Michele incorporated the cute little guys on the pool floatie she put her adorable replica of Lyle in! It was awesome (and incredibly delicious!). Take a look at the details: the ladder rails running into the realistic-looking water, the incredible beach towel on the edge, the tiny pair of goggles, the pool tiles on the sides and the depth numbers! Michele spent a lot of time on the phone with me discussing what would be meaningful and fun for Lyle and she pulled it off with style.

The party moved from the playground to the pool and then back to the playground. Lyle was incredibly happy to be racing around with his brother, a few friends from school, lots of neighbors, and his cousins. It was a very happy afternoon and when I asked him at bedtime what the best part was, he couldn’t begin to say.

“All of it,” he smiled.

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7 responses to “Pool Party Success!

  1. I’m with Lyle; it ALL looks like it was wonderful! So many smiles, so many memories of turning six. *happy sigh*

  2. I would have killed for that cake as a kid. The detail!

    And Baxter was in fine form, that goodness.

    Good times!

  3. I thought those were little TS aliens on the floatie! Sounds like the perfect day to celebrate the big 0-6!

  4. That is a cake for the ages! So glad Lyle had a good party … it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

    Happy belated birthday, Lyle!!

  5. It looks like the perfect day – happy kids, happy adults, lovely weather! I am SO glad there was no purple vomit or falling down stairs. 😉

    And I want DETAILS on that cake!! The tiles…were they rolled out caramels??? It’s awesome!

  6. Alhamdulillah ! Exceptionally adorable mum you are. Pictures are a great rejuvinating for the heart and the memory of his child hood will linger and stay for ever.
    You too have patronized a cake-baking genius Michele McAtee and she too have done special care for the ever by giving a special caring, loving, delicious and memorable cake for the event. When heart goes into anything then you do then there is no words to express the satisfaction. Your son rightly said “All of it” . With Best Wishes and Love.

  7. Looks like so much fun! Were you sad to cut the cake because it was so gorgeous?

    Happy Birthday, Lyle!

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