When Matt came to bed last night I woke up just enough to ask, “Where’s Mom?”

“What?” he asked, laughing.

“Where’s Mom?” I repeated, getting annoyed. “It’s 11 o’clock and she’s not home yet!”

Thankfully, he oriented me pretty quickly. “She lives in California and you’re in Chicago…”

He could’ve really messed with my head. I’m not sure I’d have been so kind.


I don’t know if the major dream I remember began with that confusing, sleepy conversation, but it seems likely.

I had a long, involved dream in which some kind of new opportunity came up for Matt in San Francisco, where we lived for almost 10 years before moving here in 2006.

In the dream we ultimately realized that there were more opportunities for us there (something we do joke about once in a while, as many interesting things for each of us have surfaced in the Bay Area since we left) and that we needed to move back.

I remember being in tears in my dream, overwhelmed with the idea of leaving my beloved Chicago, but making all sorts of practical decisions (such as deciding we’d go back to renting rather than trying to buy a home) at the same time. It seemed at the time that it was something we had to do and I was resigned to it.

When I woke up, I was shocked to find it was a dream and that I was more than a little sad about that.


6 responses to “Dreams

  1. therocchronicles

    I can fully appreciate this as I live 1,500 miles from my family and I dream of being able to live close to them again. Maybe someday.

  2. I don’t think we could ever move back to the Bay Area what with not being millionaires and all. All the cool kids come from the Bay Area though. Where did you live there? I lived in Berkeley, then Oakland.

  3. @therocchronicles It’s hard to be far away, isn’t it? We are extremely lucky to have my husband’s whole family in this area and we see them a lot. But no matter where we live, we’re always far from some loved ones.

    @stimey No, as soon as we had a 2nd kid we couldn’t manage it anymore. We were mostly in the Inner Sunset in the city but had a couple years in Marin in the middle when I worked in Mill Valley. For the same house price as our really large condo we could’ve gotten a 1-bedroom 700-sq ft place in SF!

  4. Hmm. I have the same dream often. I also wake up sad! Miss you guys constantly. Xo

  5. Awww, miss you, cuz! Just emailed you about coming to SF in a couple weeks, hope we can get together!

  6. What Stimey said. That, and the earthquake thing.

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