First Day of (Stupid, Stinky) School

Our end-of-summer was a lazy one. No last-minute trips out of town and very little on the calendar. Just long days to play at home and at the beach, with neighbors and each other. It was pretty restful. Over the weekend, Matt and I focused on getting the house organized and ready for a new school year. I’m a big believer in various “systems” to keep us all organized, mainly because I’d rather have everyone aware of their responsibilites and in a rhythm so that we’re not constantly telling the kids what to do and repeating ourselves again…and again…and again… It leaves us with a lot more time for fun. And so by last night we were ready. Responsibility lists were posted for each child for various parts of the day, our meal plan was tacked to the fridge, today’s lunches were made by the kids, and their backpacks were packed.

Baxter, who had been ambivalent about going back to school (the boy loves him some unstructured reading time!), started to look forward to it when we went in last week to meet his new teacher and drop off school supplies. He was excited to see his friends and find out what fifth grade is all about. He told Lyle today that he wasn’t nervous about school, because he reminds himself that there’s nothing to be worried about: “Every year, the teacher is really nice on the first day,” he told Lyle. I asked him if the same held true for the second day and even the last day of school and he agreed that it always had. When we got to school I had to yell for him to come back to us to get a photo taken with Lyle before he tore out into the masses to find his friends. Luckily, we were able to see him off as he walked in with his signature grin.

For his part, Lyle was nervous. He loved his classroom when he saw it last week and his teacher was wonderful and warm. He was very shy and hid behind me, but he was smiling. Unsurprisingly, he was full of bluster this morning (typical when he’s nervous) and declared many times in a variety of ways, “I hate stupid, stinky school!” As I pointed out to him, however, he was saying this in a very cheery voice. I think he was nervous but also a bit excited. He has forgotten how much he loves school, but I trust that won’t last long. It helped a lot for me to tell him repeatedly that every child is at least a little nervous, and even his teacher might be a bit anxious about how the first day would go. Then I popped in a Nate the Great book on CD in the car to change the subject on our drive in.

This sums the morning up pretty well!

There goes my first grader, into stupid, stinky school!

Ready to go!

…and off goes my fifth grader!

I canceled my afternoon clients in order to be there to pick them up. I can’t wait to hear about their day!


6 responses to “First Day of (Stupid, Stinky) School

  1. Cutie patooties. πŸ˜‰

  2. Bax and C are soul-siblings…loss of unstructured reading time was the one thing she was sad about! πŸ™‚ There school rocks—it’s going to be another great year!

  3. You know, i love ALL those photos, but the last one? The one of your oldest waving and grinning? TEH AWESOME! *dreamy, swoony sigh*

    Be sure to let us know when the girls start calling the house, ok?

  4. Super cute pictures! I cannot wait to hear the post-school report. And I love all of those traditions and lists you have. I need to make a few of those myself today (lists, not traditions, as that might be a bit more difficult).

  5. Bittersweet, ain’t it?

  6. We listened to a story on Podcast this morning (StoryNory…might be too young for your kids…I don’t know.) But this morning’s story was a folk tale about The Wild Man it distracted Aislin from being worried, I think.

    She also got a *treat* of some lovely sugar cereal this morning with the school breakfast. *sigh* So the day was a win as far as she was concerned.

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