School Started, and I Stopped Writing

Well, it was fun to do a bit more blogging over the summer. I think I kind of knew I wouldn’t keep it up once fall was in full swing, but it’s still sad.

My days are long and full. I’m working three days a week, leaving the house at either 7 or 8am (depending on which carpool run I’m doing) and rushing to get home by 6pm.  We eat dinner later, the kids go to bed later. They love their babysitters, who take turns picking them up from school, getting the dog from “day care”, and bringing them home for homework and some playtime. They get help with their homework and music practice, and the dog gets walked. The dishwasher gets unloaded and reloaded, and if I need help starting dinner someone’s here to do it.

My schedule allows me to be home on Mondays and Fridays if the kids have a day off from school, which is at least once a month. When they’re in school, I fit in everything I can’t get to on my work days: doctor’s appointments, meetings, school visits and observations, reports, therapy notes, billing. There aren’t enough hours in those days, and they’re surely not the quiet work-from-home days with the dog that I had envisioned. But I’m grateful to have them.

I’m working late into the evenings and on the weekends to stay on top of things. I evaluated a lot of kids over the summer and then discovered that it was time to write a lot of reports and hold parent meetings. Then I got new referrals for evaluations and I’ve been writing their reports and meeting with their parents. And as soon as I was up to date on all those eval reports it was time to write progress reports on many of my regular clients again.

It’s a lot of work and it’s never ending. I spend so much time writing on my laptop that sitting down and blogging is not so appealing most nights. I would like to watch TV or hang out with friends in the evenings. Call my mom in California or my friend Cara in New Hampshire. But I’m falling into bed late at night, exhausted, and up early again the next morning. My alarm is set to wake me up before 6am again tomorrow and will be the next two days as well. I keep feeling like there’s a break in sight – but then when I get there, there’s something I forgot about, like more progress reports or the three speaking engagements I need to prepare for this fall, or end of the month billing. After the three day workshop I’m attending in the suburbs, I am “free” this Sunday only to face a team meeting at a client’s home that afternoon and then my husband leaving town that evening for a few days. He has four trips in the next 14 days. My Monday is booked solid and then I’m back in action at work again Tuesday. And I was in California last week for 3.5 days and saw more than 20 people.

It’s a crazy merry-go-round of a life at the moment.

I’m sorry to all those I’ve fallen out of touch with lately. I seem to only have time to stop in for a Facebook update or a 140 character “hello” on Twitter. The thing is, I’m not complaining. Aside from some shorter nights of sleep than I’d prefer, I’m taking good care of myself. I’m eating well, exercising as much as possible, and feeling good. My work is satisfying and I am very lucky about that. When I’m too tired to focus on NPR in the car after work I blast the Glee soundtrack and sing pop songs at the top of my lungs. The boys are doing great in school and are quite chirpy and cheerful these days. They are untroubled by my schedule as long as they can play Angry Birds together on an iPhone whenever possible. I give them as much attention as I can when we’re together, even if it requires me to dim the lights and put on new age music to slow down and be present with them when I get home and need to make dinner and do the bedtime routine. We still have our family dinners every night and I spend lots of time with them during the bedtime routine.  Life is fine.

I often wonder how people manage who have to work like this at a job they don’t like; I can’t even imagine how depressing that would be. So, yes, life is wild and exciting and I am awfully tired tonight, but no, I’m not complaining.


8 responses to “School Started, and I Stopped Writing

  1. Jordan, I’m just amazed at all you do, somehow without sacrificing your own health or your family’s cohesiveness! The power of mindful living, truly.

    The boys will have wonderful memories of those calm, connected evenings to carry with them into their own parenting, and the knowledge that doing important things in the world involves taking care of yourself! Not to mention excellent cooperative Angry Birding skilz.

    We’ll just have to enjoy Gordo within an inch of his life while he’s here, to try and justify his absence….

  2. Hi Jordan, Your blog is amazing. It gives inspiration, and also reminds me the things I forgotten to do. Yes the family dinner is real thing to keep all the spoks to the hub so that cycle runs smoothly. The bond cannot be described in words. A punch on your cheeks from kids will make you rejuvinated. Alhamdulillah

  3. So happy to hear things are going well. But man, you ARE busy!!! xxk

  4. Thanks for checking in. We sure do miss you, but it’s great to hear that you are well and happy.


  5. Zoiks! Hope you get a chance to slow down a smidge soon!

  6. Having a job you love and feel rewarded by makes all this bearable doesn’t it?

    Good for you for taking care of yourself. The whole thing falls apart if you get sick and we all know – Mama can’t get sick. 🙂

  7. And you have embraced this fall gear-up in the same way you faced the lazy, hazy days of summer!. It all “goes with the territory.” And, “this too shall pass.”

  8. Wow, you are busy 🙂 So glad you checked in!

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