Young Scientist Deconstructs Anti-Gay Stance

Baxter wandered into the kitchen while I was doing the dishes. “Mommy, you know how there are people who think it’s wrong to be gay?”


“Well, I think that where their mistake is is that they’re thinking people are like magnets.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know…with magnets, only opposite charges can connect. Like, the pluses and minuses have to be connected for it to work. Negative can’t connect to negative and positive can’t connect to positive. I think since that has to do with attraction, that’s where people are getting mixed up. But people aren’t the same as magnets.”

He shook his head and headed down the hall.


8 responses to “Young Scientist Deconstructs Anti-Gay Stance

  1. This boy is getting more incredible. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?

  2. Please kiss Baxter for me.

  3. What an amazing kid (with fabulous parents, I might add..)!

  4. Thank you for raising a little man who uses his brain and his big heart! I am hanging on every single one of these It Gets Better videos the last few weeks, hoping, hoping, hoping that this message reaches kids who are struggling. THIS story made me very happy.

  5. Dang, he’s GOOD! Love this.

  6. I’m blown away. Great kid.

  7. Brilliant!

  8. Wise beyond his years!

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