The Battle Between the Very, Very Good and the Insane

First there was Matt’s initial illness, which I can’t even remember anymore. Then he got a little better and went out of town but the day he left I got sick, and that one lasted a couple weeks, as you may recall. But then I got better and he got sick again, and he and Baxter both turned out to have strep throat that week, and someone sick always seemed to be sleeping in the guest room. There were more work trips for Matt in there somewhere, too. And then a couple days after Baxter’s antibiotic ran out he was swallowing hard and pretending not to be sick because it was the day before Halloween and he wanted to be fine. But we had to take him in for another round of antibiotics because, yes, the strep was still in his system. Which is only good because it probably means that he’s the only one of us sure not to get the dog’s pinkeye. Yes, that’s right, the dog has pinkeye, had to stay home from doggy day care one day this week (thanks, Matt), and we can easily catch it from him. While I think pinkeye is super gross, the idea of getting it from my dog makes me want to vomit. But that’s one illness we haven’t had this fall, knock on wood. Thank god I haven’t gotten that pinkeye, after plying the dog with treats, propping his eyes open and putting a “ribbon” of ointment across both of his eyeballs 3-4 times a day for the past 4 days. I stared at the vet in horror when he demonstrated that one for me. But only 3-6 more days of that to go!  And that’s good because I finally finished preparing a slideshow for a new presentation I gave the other night and have that behind me, and we have survived yet another Halloween “season” (why o why, when it used to be ONE DAY??). And speaking of those two things, I didn’t have time to remove my black Bat Girl nail polish before the presentation and lo and behold it is still on my nails today, except not only black and Goth-looking, but also chipped at this point and yet there it seems to stay. And while we’re on the subject of me and black, you ought to see the black circles I found under my eyes this morning, which I thought was mascara left over from, um, I don’t know, that day last week when I wore mascara, and tried to wash it off but it wasn’t actually removable.

The weekend is coming and we’ll all be home together and no one (besides the dog) appears to be sick in any way, and we are so excited because we can clean the house! In preparation for a cleaning lady to start next week! But the house is so grimy that I don’t even want to turn the lights on when she comes by to see the house and get the lay of the land tomorrow night, so I just scrubbed a toilet and wiped down a section of bathroom floor that hadn’t seen the light of day in — oh, wait, my mom reads this. Hey, Mom, look over here! Halloween candy! —  but anyway, quite possibly, not having all surfaces of our house encrusted with dust will help our allergies just a little. God help me if my allergist or my mom is reading this. And did I mention adding seven – yes, seven – new clients in the past couple weeks? That’s funny, I thought I had half a brain! But, see, now that I decided to add another partial day of work we realized can hire the cleaning lady we’ve been needing so desperately (because who can clean when they’re working ALL weekend??) and I can afford more help with billing at work so that if That Insurance Company sits on three thousand of my dollars again I’ll figure it out a bit sooner than I did in October. And dang it, those kids are cute and fun to work with and I have no regrets.

And somewhere in the midst of it all – despite the fact that my husband is again out of town right now and I can’t even remember which city he’s in this time – there was a small son telling me that I looked “pretty cute” in my huge fleece LL Bean robe this morning, thrilling developments in the Firefly & Friends project I’m working hard on in my extra minutes, and the mother of a new client telling me with tears in her eyes that she sees her son completely differently and more positively now that she’s worked with me a couple times. For the record, I wasn’t wearing the robe at work, so that had nothing to do with her teary eyes.  I have a child who’s going to move into double digits in just ten days, and there is no shortage of excitement about that. Plus I get to have dinner with some friends on Monday night and I’m thinking I might go out on the front porch right now and start waiting for them to pick me up. In the rain. Without a raincoat.

Somehow, and even I don’t know how it’s possible, the very, very good in my life still outweighs the insane.


9 responses to “The Battle Between the Very, Very Good and the Insane

  1. I love you. Simple as that.

  2. I don’t care if it is raining, open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans and get the bad air out and let in the good (even if it is gloomy, gray, damp air. The Chinese acupuncturist I used to go to said that you must always change the concentration of germs with new air. (And it might even blow the dust off some stuff before the cleaning lady comes!)

    Hang in there.

  3. I’m with Kristen. I love you. I would ask you to take me in, but it seems your guest bedroom is occupied, and I’m not really game for pinkeye.

  4. OK, that bit about getting pink eye from the dog??? That is going to stay with me. Yeech. But the rest of it? So lovely!


  5. Glad your life’s balance sheet is in the black – sanity speaking. I know mine teeters on the edge at times. This is a great reminder to look at the big picture!

  6. Sarah Mitchell

    You had me at the dog has pinkeye…

  7. Sorry, still laughing at the image of you with your goth-black nails doing a presentation!

    Life is always so much sweeter when we can focus on the good, yes? Glad you’re all healthy again (well, except for poor Gus!) and will be TOGETHER this weekend. That makes is all worthwhile.

  8. And yet you always manage to have a smile on your face and a quick laugh! You never cease to amaze me.

  9. Love so much of this!

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