Overheard at Dinner

Those of us in the under-11 set are filled to the brim with over-excitement, thanks to there being only 10 DAYS UNTIL Christmas. A sampling of amusement from tonight’s dinner table:

Baxter, conjugating his version of “to barf” in Spanish: “Vomito, vomitas, vomita, vomitamos, vomitan.”


Background: The band K.I.S.S. came up in conversation (don’t ask). Lyle flipped out, being at the age where there’s nothing worse than kissing. In a very bad move, I joked that maybe he makes such a big deal about kissing because he really likes it. He subsequently lost it.

Lyle, sobbing into my shoulder: “You don’t have to rub it in! Thanks a lot! FOR BEING SARCASTIC!!!”


Me, stumbling over my words.

Baxter: “What’s the matter? First time using your new lips?”


Lyle, brandishing his fingers like guns over his head in a self-congratulatory move, hears from Matt for the first time that they’re called “six-shooters”. I asked him how many bullets he’d have if he had two six-shooters (because good math skills come before pacifism, obviously – after all, this is the No Child Left Behind era).

“Twelve!” he said immediately. Matt and I clapped and cheered for him.

He tapped me on the shoulder. “Um, you forgot to say WOW!”


Baxter, guiding a very hyper Lyle downstairs after dinner: “I’m gonna take him downstairs for some razzle-dazzle, so we can get his shenanigans out.”

I don’t know what it means, but I hope it worked.


3 responses to “Overheard at Dinner

  1. just had a flash back of Ms. Montgomery and Latin class with Baxter’s conjugation – that is definitely something that would have been discussed and done in Latin. We are both 10 days from Christmas and 8 days from Conna turning six. We do our best to exhaust the children every night so they will actually sleep!

  2. Oh Jordan, I know people say they LOL all the time, but truly your blog is the only one that actually really makes me L out L. Alex always runs over to see what Baxter and Lyle said now. I love your family! I love that you write about them!

  3. WOW, can I hire Baxter to come razzle-dazzle Nik to get HIS shenanigans out? Please??

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