Not a Regular Grown-up

At work this afternoon, a 6-year old girl, laughing about a scenario having to do with “bad potty words”, says to me, “Imagine if you were a grown-up…”

“Wait – !” I interrupt, “– I actually am a grown-up!”

She stops, looking confused. “Okay, imagine if you were an older grown-up…”

* * * * *

Lyle and Baxter run into the room to show me the toys they just “washed” in my bathroom sink. “Look at how clean these are!” they shout at me.

“Wow! Great!” I say, trying to sound enthusiastic.

“Mommy, you know why I think grown-ups say ‘wow!’ and ‘great!’?” Lyle asked, thoughtfully. “It’s because they want the kids to just go away because they’re doing work and stuff.”

Me, “Well, sweetie, I do think it’s cool. What else do you want me to say?”

Lyle: “No, not you. Regular grown-ups.”


5 responses to “Not a Regular Grown-up

  1. Hysterical. I’m kind of jealous you’re not a regular grown-up ;0

  2. I always knew you were different. 😉

  3. One of my dad’s favorite stories is about the time some family friends were over with their two small girls. Everyone was leaving the house to go on a walk, and my dad started to help one of the girls get into her stroller. She put her hand on his arm, looked up at him, and said, “Maybe we should get an adult to do that.” Biggest compliment he ever got in his life!

  4. See, I knew you’re just a big kid at heart!

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