So taunting! A week with Lyle.

Lyle has been on a roll this week.

First, I bring you his birthday card for Baxter, on which he taped a penny and wrote the words you see below:

And, now, tonight’s “weather forecast” homework. Translation below:

Today it is a sunny day. It is 35 degrees, so wear a coat, hat, mittens, and maby a scarf.

Wear your sunglasses!!

(So taunting!)

[arrow pointing to the line about the sunglasses]


5 responses to “So taunting! A week with Lyle.

  1. He makes me giggle.

  2. YOU are so taunting, only giving us teensy little tastes of that delicious boy, when you get him ALL THE DANG TIME! 😉

  3. I’m with TC. We all need more Lyle in our lives!!

  4. I just discovered you on Facebook and I absolutely love Lyle’s way of spelling words–very unique and funny.
    Carol Hubert

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